Sarah's Dream
At the age of fifteen Sarah knew that she wanted to move to New York to 
become a model and worked so very hard to pursue this dream. 
     She first made up a “Dream Book” and placed the pictures in this book of her
 dreamto move to New York and model and had a huge poster of New York that she gazedat every day in her room to inspire her to pursue her dreams.  She knew that it had to be New York as she said that New York was the "fashion capitol" of the world.
We read a book by Bruce Wilkenson called the "Dream Giver" at church every week which was soinspiring that encouraged her in this pursuit of her dream.She knew that life
wasExtraordinary and not Ordinary. She was dedicated, driven and determined to accomplish her dream. She focused on this goal and knew that with the Lord truly nothing was impossible. Sarah would say if she were here for no one to ever give
up ontheir dreams and to pursue them with everything in you. 
     She spent the last three years in New York pursuing her dream as a model.  She
enjoyed this thoroughly and being so creative absolutely put everything she had into
this dream.  She developed many friendships in New York. She was radiant wherever she went which was noticed byalland made such a difference in the lives of others. 
     The last time that I saw Sarah was in July 2008.  She told me “Oh mom, we must
goto the Brooklyn Bridge.  Mom you see here is my dream that was on the poster
thatwas in my room back in CA".  Here was the entire skylight on the bridge in front of
me!    Now I must say, I was a little nervous to be on this bridge overlooking this whole bright, litupSky Line although many people were walking across it… but she spread out
herarms and said “see this is my dream mom, here it is!!"  
Sarah, I will remember this memory for as long as I live.....Love, Moomzy!
(further detail will be written in the coming months of all of the miracles that happened)
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  Sarah's Dream