Sarah's Dream Foundation began on March 18, 2009 and exists to offer hope, healing and restoration to those dealing with eating disorders.  
     My daughter Sarah passed away on November 8, 2008 from "Complications of Anorexia" and it is now my purpose to help other young women and to bring awareness of my daughter's story in hopes that many lives will be saved.  I am believing and contending that 1 million lives will be saved from what my daughter went through and her early passing.

Rebecca Bigler (deceased)
Founder & Trustee

​Rebecca Bigler, was a registered nurse for 29 years, worked in community relations and community benefits and served as director of education for several hospitals in California and North Carolina. Sarah was her best friend; in fact, Sarah often called Rebecca her “other half” and referred to them as "The Original Gilmore Girls". She was a motivational speaker, who poured out her heart and soul to audiences. Sadly, Rebecca passed away from liver and colon cancer on November, 13 2015.
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